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     Blake Giesting has been gaining momentum as a classical double bassist for the past several years. As a composer, singer, guitarist and electric bassist, Giesting wields many talents in his pursuits as a musician. He is a savvy performer, placing highly in many competitions, including runner-up in the Texas Tech University solo competition.

      With a Master’s degree in double bass performance from Carnegie Mellon University and a Bachelor’s degree from Texas Tech University, Giesting has trained vigorously in the music world for years. Known for his “impeccable left hand,” Giesting displays virtuosic abilities on the double bass while his creative ingenuity shines through on guitar. 

       Performing with many artists, including guitarist Sean Carney, double bassist Dr. Mark Morton, and multiple orchestras, Giesting has logged scores of hours on stage. He has also racked up time in the studio, writing, performing on and producing two albums, Sweat Bee and V-sting. Having had success on these, Giesting is currently working on an EP as well as his third album, both promising and highly creative endeavors. 

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